Juspion Episode 6

DDL | Torrent

And here’s episode six of Juspion! Where kids learn that cute monsters bring trouble, Juspion learns it’s probably a bad idea to wander around a forest, and viewers learn that they should be grateful they weren’t named after odd weaponry.

Pundercracker: The word of the day is Geldora, kids!

Champstice: If I ever see Gelgon again it’ll be too soon

Trivia under the cut

In this episode, Juspion gets an ally of sorts in the fight against evil. And his name is…


….yeah. But what he lacks in a name that doesn’t sound ridiculous, he makes up for it in that he’s played by Hiroshi Watari! Previously before Juspion (and Shaider), he played the starring role of  Den Iga in Space Sherrif Sharivan. And after Juspion ended, he played the starring role of Yousuke Jou in Dimensional Warrior Spielvan. Which makes the only dude to play the two titular characters in two different Metal Heroes shows!


2 thoughts on “Juspion Episode 6

  1. Hello, you didn’t get a lot of comments, but you should know you did an amazing work with Juspion uptill now. I want to thank you and I really hope you’ll sub it completely. Don’t burn yourself and do it all the way !

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