Andro Melos episode 1


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In a joint venture with HiNoTori, we’re here to present for your viewing pleasure: Andro Melos!

Created in 1981 by Tsuburaya Productions, it’s a fun and quick watch at about six minutes an episode. Onto individual staff comments:

Pundercracker: Andro Melos is a very quirky little piece of Ultra history (even from my little knowledge of the franchise.) It’s not heavy on depth but it’s an interesting look at what filled the gap in Japanese Ultra series between the end of 80 and the start of Tiga. It’s definitely worth a look!

Champstice: Pretty much what Punder said! I’m honestly new to Giant Hero type shows, but I think Andro Melos is pretty enjoyable, especially considering episode length (I wonder if Toei would ever make a six-minute rider show?). Anyhow, hope you all can enjoy this! P.S: This is a separate project from Juspion, releases of each have relation to how soon the other is released.

Three notes under the cut

1. The opening video appears to be negatived. As far as I can tell from the vob files for it, it’s a fault on the dvds itself (at least for the first disc anyway). Just saying in case anyone wonders what’s up with the opening.

2. As far as I can tell: it’s moreso a few Melos comics that crossover with Ultraman, but as for the tv series, you’ll just have to wait and see…..

3. I know what some of you may be thinking: “But Champstice, not everyone necessarily likes seeing typesetting/karaoke/etc, in fansubs!” Which is true, not everyone likes that sorta stuff. Which is okay! Some do, which is also okay! So after talking it over with HnT, we decided that there’d be two versions: One without karaoke, splashes, stuff like that, for people who don’t like that in fansubs. And one with karaoke, splashes, stuff like that, for those that do like that sorta stuff. The torrent contains both, but if you only want one of the particular files,  just tick off the one you don’t want in whatever torrent program you use. The one with the crc [9C5325C3] is plain, the one with [E500A8C7] is the more heavily typeset version


2 thoughts on “Andro Melos episode 1

  1. I just have a few questions.
    Battle-Anon stated on his blog that he was moving blogs to this site. I haven’t seen anything related to Battle-Anon or Battle Fever J on this blog, so I don’t know if he linked to it in error or not. (If you are indeed affiliated with Battle-Anon, is torrents for the Battle Fever J episodes already released a possibility?)

    Also, since you’ve worked with Hi no Tori before, could you please assist them in creating torrents for their releases? Especially Amazon?


    • I’m Battle-Anon, I just changed my username to Champstice. And I’m honestly not sure what’s gonna happen regarding Fever. Definitely not making a torrent for those releases before though. The quality on those was worse than having no releases.
      I’ll ask Hi No Tori about it, though there’s a torrent of their v1s of Amazon up on pirate bay if that’s of any use to you.

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