Juspion Episode 5


DDL | Torrent

And so we get to the main villain’s first actual evil scheme, and boy is it a doozy. I’m honestly not sure how to described this episode, though the other bro working on this summed it up quite well

Pundercracker: I will say that I’m glad we didn’t release this episode on Father’s day. One more thing: We get a sweet new insert theme by Akira Kushida in this episode, and that is always a great thing. uvu 

(Unfortunately it’s only there for about 30 seconds this episode :U, but yeah it’s pretty awesome. Listen to it here!)

Two slight editing notes under the cut

1. The name’s been changed from MegaBeast Investigator Juspion, to Special MegaBeast Investigator Juspion. The latter is the more commonly known title for it, so we’re switching to it.

2. People in this episode say “kyojyu” a lot, which we have translated as “MegaBeast”. Normally wouldn’t be a problem, except that nobody on Earth seems to be aware of the MegaBeasts existence. (if they did, you’d think they would’ve set up some sorta squad to deal with them, like the various teams from the ultraman franchise set up to defeat the monsters/protect the planet.) So we opted to switch the term to “giant monster” whenever anybody outside of people who defintely know about the MegaBeasts say kyojyu. If it turns out in later episodes that humans are aware of the MegaBeasts, we’ll rescind this statement whenever we start batching stuff)


7 thoughts on “Juspion Episode 5

  1. Damn, Mad Gallant sure is a devious bastard. Also those bullies sure were particularly cruel. Perfect trap from Mad Gallant. I’m glad someone is subbing this series. This and the upcoming Spielban makes me happy Metal Heroes are finally being subbed!

  2. DDL is dead! Please reup as I plan on providing a Mediafire Pro mirror folder for your Juspion subs! I’ve had the account for years so, they’ll be up for a good, long time!

    • If you look at the pinned post here, you’ll find it. Though frankly, I’d consider it a waste of data. You should probably wait until we get around to the v2s to mirror them. I ain’t stopping you though, just suggesting.

      • Ah! I didn’t know you were doing some V2’s – I’ll definitely wait for those . Make sure to remind me (via this post), I’m trying to get an archive going for the more rare shows that aren’t as known as Rider, Ultraman or Sentai.

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