Episode 4


Yo, sorry for delays. To cut a long story short: I’ve been in a slump, and the other bro working on this has been pretty darn busy. That said, next release shouldn’t take as long.

Okay that’s enough talk about things that aren’t Juspion, onto the episode. This is a really good episode. We get some fantastic action scenes, a bit of backstory on the MegaBeasts (Who knew they were related to the dinosaurs?), and we  get introduced to the other main villain of the series: Mad Gallant! If he looks familiar, it’s probably because his actor, Junichi Haruta has made quite a fair bit of appearances in tokusatsu shows. He was DynaBlack/GoggleBlack in Science Squad Dynaman/Great Squadron Goggle V respectively, Engine Shishi-no-Shin from the Go-Onger film, Yoshito Hirose from Kamen Rider Blade, and Doctor Prospect/Eyes Dopant from Kamen Rider Eternal Returns. Recently he’s playing the role of Genryu Rippukan, Kyoryu Green’s dad in Kyoryuger. And while we don’t get to see much of him this episode, he does a great job as Mad Gallant.

Also, here’s a small extra: Toei Heroes Great Gathering!


It’s a five minute short that  was shown as a triple feature alongside Kamen Rider World and Super Sentai World (it also uses footage from the latter). It’s pretty much a glorified advertisement for Kakuranger, Janperson and Blue Swat.

Juspion episode 4 direct download here, and torrent here

Gathering is ddl only because it’s not honestly big enough to warrant a torrent.

V2 because I’m an idiot and used the unedited script by mistake: ddl


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