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Hello? Is it these episodes you’re looking for?

They’re right here, in case you want/need direct downloads for 1-30. Links for 31-33 should be fine since they were made after Mega changed their url to drop the co part. I’d advise going for the DDLs for now since the seedbox I used went down a while back (thankfully it was during our dry spell regarding releases), and it’s probably going to take a while to re-add everything, so torrents are most likely dead. 25-33 should be okay, just slower.


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Janperson 15: The Angel discards his Wings   1 comment

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Janperson_15_(244B8769)_Jun 8, 2016, 3.51.52 PM

You want bishounen robots? Have some bishounen robots.


Meet Angel, a hard working robot with a heart of gold. But behind his gentle mannerisms lies a dark secret that only Tatewaki knows. Can Janperson stop Angel from going down a devilish path?! This one’s not only a good story on its own, it also leads into some major story content that I won’t spoil here, but wish to address for those willing to brave some spoilers (see the TL Note readmore below).

Also worth noting is that Angel is voiced by Yūji Ueda. This was one of Ueda’s earliest roles, and yet it was also his only tokusatsu role to date. He would later go on to voice quite a few icons of 90’s anime, including Akito Tenkawa from Nadesico, Takeshi (Brock) from Pokémon, and Sagara Sanosuke in Rurouni Kenshin. 


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Juspion 37: The Full Course of Fear! Would you like some Infernal Cuisine?   Leave a comment


Dinner of Champions

DDL | Torrent

This episode has four insert songs (one of which, “Powerful Fighter Juspion” is the only time the song is used). That’s as many as four ones. And it’s pretty cool.


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Robot Detective 18: BAD’s Freezing Operation!!   Leave a comment


Torrents n stuff tomorrow. eventually. Don’t ask.

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Juspion 36: The Radiance of a New Life Summons forth a Miracle   Leave a comment


I must go. The MegaBeast Empire needs me.

DDL | Torrent

In which we say goodbye to a villain, hello to a baby, and get a lot of stuff/action scenes done in the space of 24 minutes.


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Janperson 14: Friendship on the Brink of Explosion   Leave a comment


“These guys are from Japan and who gives a shit?”


Acthung, baby! A new month brings a new episode of Janperson! And what a doozy it is!

When a young boy encounters an amnesiac robot, the two strike up a budding friendship. But fate moves in mysterious ways when this new robotic friend learns more about his dark past. Meanwhile, Janperson and Neo Guild still haven’t found what they’re looking for while the clock rapidly ticks down what very well may be the last night on Earth! What might happen? Will Neo Guild be victorious? Does Janperson know how to dismantle an atomic bomb?!


(In all seriousness, this is an episode with plenty of tension and a tolerable kid of the week. Hope you enjoy it!)

Have mercy.


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Juspion 35: The Bible is Found! Now, for a Frightening Truth….   Leave a comment

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_35_(428527EE)_001_2461DDL | Torrent

Like seriously, dumps so big you’d swear they were trump’s campaign strategies. Zing!


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Juspion 34: Break Through the Iron Fortress! A Father and Son’s Love   Leave a comment

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Juspion_34_(317EF256)_001_15733DDL | Torrent

Nothing like a good ol episode full of ~SCIENCE~ to put the science in “Science Fiction”. Our main guest star for this episode is Ban Daisuke, who’s had a fair lot of leading/starring roles in a bunch of tokusatsu shows. If you want an actual episode synopsis, either wait for Janperson, or ask Lew to edit this post. Also, shout-outs to Sky79 for helping tlc a bunch of episodes.

There’s a sign in this episode that I would’ve inflicted my terrible typesetting upon you all, had it not been shaky. So here it is instead.


See this is why most people just an8 signs in old shows like this

Champstice: Putting the “eye” in “eyecancer”. Here’s some lovely show art to help sooth your eyes


This show’s art❤

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