Juspion licensed by Discotek

“We Do It!”

Howdy, folks! Pundercracker here! I know it’s been a long time since we made any updates, and I can assure you we’ve got our reasons. Projects aren’t dead, just a lot of things have been on our plates at the moment. Anyway, one of those things is actually really great: The awesome folks at Discotek Media have officially announced a complete, subtitled SD-Blu Ray release of MegaBeast Investigator  Space Wolf Juspion for North America in early 2019! Metal Hero is finally coming to America, baby!

Even better, we worked with them on this release! Our old Juspion subs will be used as the official subtitle’s basis, and will be polished and updated and even better than ever, and we’re receiving complete credit for our work. Heck, I got to see a screening at Otakon this year and can confirm this is gonna be a good release. As such, this means that we will be taking down all downloads and torrents of our old Juspion fansubs and ask you to please support this official release! Not only do we want to show support for more official toku releases outside of Japan, but Discotek’s an awesome little company that deserves the love and wants to test the waters with toku and other niche titles, essentially being known for taking on stuff that otherwise may never get a chance, so this is a really big deal!

Stay on the lookout for this collection early next year, and it’s even going to have some extra content from tokusatsu guru August Ragone himself! Plus, extra care and updates to the translation have been done for this set, so it’ll definitely be better than our old releases where we were figuring out how the heck to fansub one episode at a time.

Anyway, Janperson, B-Fighter and all those other good shows are still being worked on, just gonna take some time. So keep your eyes peeled in the future for more releases from us!

(Disclaimer: This post wasn’t paid for or endorsed or w/e by Discotek in any way whatsoever. Or even Champ tbh. This is just to let you all know the situation with this big news.)


Kamen Rider Ghost Legendary Rider Souls 07: Rider 1 and Heisei


This is totally a legit release and not some April fools joke that I’m not bothering to make a torrent for like I normally do with April Fools releases.
No we’re not doing the Kamen Rider 1 movie this is tangentially related to, just figured because it’s of little consequence it’d be better if O-T could just ignore it. Also I’m one of like 5 people that actually like Ghost so why not.

Janperson 26: Super Speed Car Battle

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 6.35.04 PM.png
“its the weekend baby. youknow what that means. its time to drink precisely  one beer and call 911.”


Tatewaki and his goons kidnap the brilliant professor Nikaido and his son Masaharu in order to complete a powerful battle car that can obliterate Janperson and his trusty Dark Jeycar! What follows is a dark secret in Masaharu’s past, the powerful bond between father and son, and new toys to sell  some sweet new upgrades to the Dark Jeycar! All on this episode of Special Police Robo Janperson!

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 6.51.01 PM.png
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Alice in Dreamland

vlcsnap-03126DDL | Torrent

Alice in Wonderland: A classic tale pretty much everyone knows the beats of, whether through the original novel, or through a myriad of derivative works and adaptions from around the world. Some stick relatively close to the source material, others take their own liberties with it, and some use its influence as an underlying base to tell a vastly different story. Alice in Dreamland, is fairly in the third camp, telling the story of an Alice, reading the original story herself, when she happens upon the White Rabbit. But things quickly diverge from there, as a certain Darkness looms above…

Joint with Orphan fansubs. I’d also recommend reading Collectr’s post over this one as it is much better written.

So hey, here’s MBE’s first foray into animation! Though unlike most animated adaptions I’ve seen of Alice in Wonderland, this one directed by Kentaro Hakusaka utilizes stop-motion, in addition to dolls (created by Mari Shimizu) instead of the usual articulated puppets. Which when combined with creepy, slightly nauseous-looking visuals and a weird yet enjoyable soundtrack by arai tasuku (with the opening and ending by a group called “Black Violets”), make for an interesting (if not nightmare-fuel) variation on a classic tale.

I originally commissioned this film near the start of this year after it popped up on ADC and piqued my interest. It was planned to be a joint with another group, but those plans fell apart due to the key member having to pull out. So it languished (depressions a killer), until the idea was given to ask Collectr on Bakabt for help. While I regret relatively shoving him and his staff into helping with it, it was both educational and fun to work with them, and hopefully will do again at some point (but with more planning, and less out-of-the-blue-ness). Staff credits are as follows:

Translation: Heatmetal
Editing + Typesetting: Collectr
Timing: Champstice, Yogicat
Dialogue/Song styling: Champstice
Quality-Checking: Calyrica, Nemesis
Encoding: M74

We hope you enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole!


Tiger Seven 04: Oil Hominid’s Terrifying Ambitions!

DDL | Anidex | Nyaa

So… been a while since an episode of this has been released, huh? The TLDR of it is that the audio for this show sucks making translation a pain, as well as getting it checked. So there might still be a few snags, but at this point I’m fed up waiting, so if anyone does spot any errors, I’ll gladly v2 it.

After all that TLDR, please enjoy this episode about our heroes fighting the ancient Mu forces of evil, only to be obstructed by the evil that is Corporations.