Tiger Seven 04: Oil Hominid’s Terrifying Ambitions!

DDL | Anidex | Nyaa

So… been a while since an episode of this has been released, huh? The TLDR of it is that the audio for this show sucks making translation a pain, as well as getting it checked. Might still have a few errors since people who are supposed to be involved in this project didn’t offer up much help (in comparison with Pundercracker, who I didn’t involve with this project for workload reasons but still helped out). So there might still be a few snags, but at this point I’m fed up waiting, so if anyone does spot any errors, I’ll gladly v2 it.

After all that TLDR, please enjoy this episode about our heroes fighting the ancient Mu forces of evil, only to be obstructed by the evil that is Corporations.

Janperson 25: The Quick Draw Champ’s Decisive Duel


Still a better setup than the Virtual Boy.


Hey, remember Jango? Y’know, the gunman from like, episode 3 or so? The one Janperson beat pretty easily? Well now his little brother has arrived in Japan with one heck of a vendetta against our purple protector…and he’s got the tech he needs to accomplish it! Now a humiliated Gun Gibson is determined to beat his own quick draw record and help stop a trouble sharpshooter before he makes a deadly mistake!

Been a long time but we’re back with another Janpi! Enjoy!

Sh15uya 01: Fifteens

DDL | Torrent A | Torrent B

This is Shibuya, yet at the same time, it isn’t…

Hey just a heads-up for anyone sensitive to self-harm in media (or even if you’re just super squeamish like me), there’s a scene start at 11:43 that you miiiiight wanna skip.
Also there’s a lot of blood. Much grimdark. So adult.

I’ll write more in the morning (including some notes about the tl). Eh, the kinda speaks for itself. As for notes, basically all you need to know is that the guy being played by that Mark guy from Garo/Cutey Honey’s dialogue is mostly bungled versions of Japanese sayings.