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Hello? Is it these episodes you’re looking for?

They’re right here, in case you want/need direct downloads for 1-30. Links for 31-33 should be fine since they were made after Mega changed their url to drop the co part. I’d advise going for the DDLs for now since the seedbox I used went down a while back (thankfully it was during our dry spell regarding releases), and it’s probably going to take a while to re-add everything, so torrents are most likely dead. 25-33 should be okay, just slower.


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Janperson episode 18: The Secret Origin of Janperson!!   Leave a comment




At last, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The episode’s title says it all, and there’s a ton of spoilers in this one, so I’ll keep things to a minimum here. It’s a great episode though, folks!

Also, as with the previous episode, Ryosuke Sakamoto of Bioman fame is a guest star here. Please continue to show him your support and well wishes on twitter with #GoRedOne as he battles esophageal cancer.

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Juspion 39: Miyo’s Kiss has One-Million Horsepower!   Leave a comment

DDL | Torrent

Whilst Juspion is out searching for the next Chosen Child, Gilza’s sister, Gilmaza arrives, and boy is she mad at our hero! And not only is she here, but so are her five multicolor evil ninja henchmen!
Also loads of misunderstandings (Inoue’s inspiration, perhaps?) and bad looking composite shots.

And castanets.

Lots and lots and lots of castanet sounds.

We’re getting closer and closer to the endgame, folks…


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Special Police Robo Janperson 01-14 Mini-Batch   Leave a comment


DDL Folder | Torrent
Patches for folks who’ve already downloaded the older versions

Here’s the first 14 episodes of Special Police Robo Janperson: A show about a robot clad in purple fighting against multiple evil organizations, and their various evil schemes.

Janperson’s first 14 episodes set up the show to go down a bit of a different route from most other Metal Heroes. Rather than a human donning a suit or armor or a metal form, we’re given a hero whose identity IS the suit by making him a robot. What’s more, episodes are set up as being less about rock quarry karate (though there is plenty of that) and more as kid friendly crime dramas with an extra helping of science fiction and special effects. We see a lot of experimenting with the strange world that the staff set up in these early episodes, with often mixed results in logic, but frequently fun results. I tend to compare Jan-P in many ways to Batman: Our protagonist is a stoic force for justice that arrives out of nowhere, saves the day, and just as quickly departs while the human cast essentially asks the same question the audience has: Just who the heck IS this guy?

These early episodes are interesting in their set up, and it’s clearly a process which sees some elements (namely the recurring human protagonists) soon fall to the wayside, while Janperson himself starts out far more robotic and blunt than we will see him later. Overall, these are a refreshing and clever batch of episodes that set up the world wonderfully. – Staff Member Pundercracker

So yeah, here’s a mini-batch of the first 14 episodes of Janperson, with some typos fixed, misc things made consistent (file names, terminology, etc), styling being made to match up to what our releases look like now instead of the rush-job I did back in 2014, etc, etc. Due thanks to Kilowog from Midnight Crew Subs for making the patches for these~.  For anyone unsure how the patches work: Each patch has its own folder. Unzip them to somewhere on your computer, toss the episodes into the appropriate folder (Janperson 01 into the Janperson 01 patch folder, etc), double-click the bat file, wait for like a minute, and it should give you the updated file. The DDL folder already has the updated files. Either way, if folks who go either way could help seed the torrent, it’d be mighty appreciated.
For those wondering “Why you making a batch at 14, instead of like, 15 or further?” Episode 15 starts off a pretty serious arc, and we wouldn’t want to leave a batch on a cliffhanger like that. 14 seemed like a decent cut-off point.

Now, with all this said, I will leave a picture from each episode below to give any new folks an idea of what to expect from the show. Read the rest of this entry »

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Janperson Episode 17: The Grand Unveiling of Janperson’s Base   4 comments




As the cries to “Destroy Evil” ring louder and louder in Janperson’s mind, a figure from his past arrives in Japan to aid him. What follows will reveal the long-awaited truth behind our hero’s mysterious origins!

I’m not gonna say too much about this episode because the first half of a two parter that’s loaded with spoilers, but it also shows a real shift in the series in quite a few ways. Jan-P really turns from brooding stoic robot to a more emotional android protagonist, and we get a new supporting cast to replace the cops and reporters from earlier in the show. The next five episodes set the stage for the rest of the show, and it’s a set that includes some of my favorite episodes in the series.

OBSTRUCTIVE CHAMPSTICE EDIT: One spoilerish thing that should be mentioned is that a character that appears in this episode and the next is played by Ryosuke Sakamoto, (aka Red One/Shirou Gou from Super Electron Bioman), who was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer. If you’re a fan of the show (or just the actor himself), we recommend joining others on twitter and sending positive messages with #GoRedOne.

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Juspion 38: My Sister is Acting Weird! The Strange Pin Plan   Leave a comment


Waiting for a MBE release be like

DDL | Torrent

Slowly, but surely, getting to the finish line. Barring another breakdown, things shouldn’t take as long for more episodes.


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Janperson 16: Heated Battle Against the Iron-Willed Robot   2 comments

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.20.50 PM.png

DDL|Torrent (Just as a heads up, the seedbox is being funky at the time of this post, so things will be slow on the torrent side for now.)

We’re back, folks! And it’s time for another episode of Janperson!

Neo Guild attempts to strike at our hero with a device that strengthen’s their robots mental fortitude. But when their latest test subject goes awry, is there a chance that he could become a peace loving machine? All the while, the mysterious demand to “Destroy Evil” rings through Janperson’s mind…

It’s a bittersweet episode with a few good laughs in it, and we’re getting closer to a bunch of game changing episodes in the series!

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Janperson 15: The Angel discards his Wings   1 comment

[Bunny_Hat_Raw]Janperson_15_(244B8769)_Jun 8, 2016, 3.51.52 PM

You want bishounen robots? Have some bishounen robots.


Meet Angel, a hard working robot with a heart of gold. But behind his gentle mannerisms lies a dark secret that only Tatewaki knows. Can Janperson stop Angel from going down a devilish path?! This one’s not only a good story on its own, it also leads into some major story content that I won’t spoil here, but wish to address for those willing to brave some spoilers (see the TL Note readmore below).

Also worth noting is that Angel is voiced by Yūji Ueda. This was one of Ueda’s earliest roles, and yet it was also his only tokusatsu role to date. He would later go on to voice quite a few icons of 90’s anime, including Akito Tenkawa from Nadesico, Takeshi (Brock) from Pokémon, and Sagara Sanosuke in Rurouni Kenshin. 


Read the rest of this entry »

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